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Telecommunications Service Center TSC - Lithuania

Šeimyniškių 5A, Vilnius, LT09312, Lithuania

+370 521 95 332

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Opening hour 
8:30 - 18:00enworkingdays
Closed          enweekends

In case of any question about Privacy Policy or processing of Personal Data, We invite you to contact Our data protection specialist

In the event of a consumer receiving goods or services which do not comply with the terms of the contract, he/she has the rights to submit a claim to TSC. Any dispute, that might occur between TSC and a customer firstly is to be handled through negotiations. If the dispute is not settled through negotiations, customer has the rights to make a written submission to TSC. TSC is to respond to a written submission within the regulatory deadlines. In all other cases, TSC is to give an answer within 30 days of receiving the written submission, if additional condition clarification is not needed. If no agreement is reached, the customer has the rights to take further actions in accordance with the terms of Consumer Rights Protection Law and Law On Out-Of-Court Consumer Dispute Resolution Bodies, Whereas for personal data issues address the Data State Inspectorate,,,

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