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Equipment repair

With us, you can quickly and efficiently inspect and repair your phone or tablet, as well as receive warranty service.
You can use a replacement phone while yours is with. We always try to get the job done within 7 days.
If the supply of spare parts is delayed, then you may have to wait longer. In this case we will warn you.

Out-of-warranty repair

The warranty period is over. That is okay. We can fix almost any phone or tablet unless the manufacturer's original spare parts are available. Of course, in such a case the repair is for a fee in accordance with TSC’s set price list. If you wish, our experts will tell you in detail both the pricing and the nature of the work to be carried out.

Certified warranty repair

At TSC you can get free warranty service, software replacement, and repair for phones and tablets of the leading manufacturers. If it turns out that the conditions of use are not complied with, warranty repairs have to be refused. In this case we can repair the equipment for a fee or return it, along with the conclusions on the damage discovered.

TSC clients centers

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