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Does TSC repair phones purchased in any other countries under warranty?

Virtually all manufacturers of phones are divided into regions, giving each phone a unique serial number (IMEI code) of a particular country for which this device is intended. On average, the warranty can be provided for all the manufacturers represented in the countries of the European Union and European Economic Area.

How should you need charge a new battery?

Almost all manufacturers today use lithium and lithium polymer batteries, which do not have a so-called “memory effect”. Consequently, it is not important to carry out a full discharge and full charge. These factors do not affect battery performance.

What is required to submit a phone for the warranty repair?

To submit a phone for the warranty repair, you need a valid purchase document, the battery, and the phone itself. If the problem is with accessories – for example, the headset does not work or the phone does not charge – then submit it together with the charger or a headset.

If the phone has a crack in the glass, but it does not affect the touch sensitivity and the image, then why does the service centre change the display anyway?

Many phones, the glass, the touch sensitive part, and the display are glued industrially and are delivered to the service centre as one component. The service centre cannot replace any of these components separately. The manufacturer does so, because only with the technologies available at the factory is it possible to glue these parts at such a quality so that the touch sensitivity is of the highest quality.

Why during the repairs is my information deleted from the phone?

To perform diagnosis of a phone it is necessary to set up industrial settings so that the customer data and third-party applications do not affect the diagnostic test results. For repairs under warranty, manufacturers also require reprogramming of every phone to improve its functioning. If the customer has important private information (gallery, contacts), then before repairing it certainly must be saved, or upon submitting the equipment for repair you shall order a paid service – data retention.

Why upon submitting an iPhone for repair do I have to disconnect the Find My iPhone function?

It is a safety requirement from the manufacturer; the manufacturer shall verify whether the person who submits the equipment for repair is the real owner of the equipment. The service centre cannot repair or change the equipment if this feature is turned on. Therefore, when submitting the phone this function shall always be turned off. If due to the defect of the phone it is not possible to do so using phone functions, then it must be done on the homepage:

If I submit the phone for repair but the phone defect does not allow me to delete my sensitive data, can I be sure that they do not come into the possession of third parties?

The service centre strictly complies with the Personal Data Protection law, as well as strict ethical rules. Thus, your data is never available to third parties, and we also do not view it.

If I do not want to repair the phone, do you offer to save data on another data carrier?

Yes, that is possible. Data can be burned to a CD, DVD, flash drive, as well as to another phone. Contacts can also be printed.

Are the original spare parts used to repair a phone?

We, as the manufacturers’ authorized service centre, use only original spare parts.

Can you unlock the phone or the service so that it is not tied to a particular operator?