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Last updated: [04.04.2019]
Warranty repair – free repair, provided by the manufacturer, in accordance with device purchase conditions and binding regulatory acts, if the terms and conditions of use and operation of the device set by the manufacturer are complied with.
2. Out-of-warranty repair – paid service, if the defect for a damaged device has occurred as a result of usage that is not in compliance with the terms and conditions of use and operation set by the manufacturer, such as mechanical damage, liquid damage, installation of any type of software not approved by the manufacturer and elimination of other defects, not being within the scope of the warranty repair or that has occurred due to the fault of the user.
3. If a Customer submits a device for paid service, but does not wish to receive repair for the proposed amount, the Customer shall pay for the performed diagnostics (in accordance with the price list). The price of diagnostics may be in range between EUR 14.88 and EUR 26.00, depending on the service centre where the service is provided. Diagnostics shall include the determination of defective parts, but not the replacement thereof.
4. Service centre shall not undertake any responsibility for any damage caused in process of disassembling the device, if a performance of previous non-authorised repair has been established, during which low-quality, non-original spare parts are installed or if the device is used in manner that does not comply with terms and conditions of use set by the manufacturer.
5. The Service centre shall not undertake any responsibility for deliberately or non- deliberately concealed visual or mechanical defects by the Customer. For example, hiding a cracked screen under a thick protective film. The service centre shall not undertake any responsibility for any damage caused to protective film or glass that may occur during disassembling of the device. The Customer shall bear the responsibility to remove the protective film or glass before submitting their device for repairs.
6. Service centre is utilising spare parts (waste) that are changed during Device’s repair process, if Customer has not informed that they want to receive the defective parts back with Device. This Customer request is marked in repair receipt when Customer gives device to repair.
7. The Service centre shall perform the repair as soon as possible, not exceeding the term of 15 (fifteen) working days, however the term of repair may be prolonged, depending on the availability of the necessary replacement part in Service centre warehouse, or in case of necessity forwarding the device to a higher-level service in any of the Member States of the European Union. In such cases the Service centre shall undertake to inform the Customer via SMS message of the need to prolong the term of the repair.
8. In the case if 7 (seven) calendar days have passed since the day when the Service centre has informed the Customer via SMS message, call or electronic mail, if any is provided, on the need to provide a reply, comments or send accessories and the Customer has failed to reply or send accessories, the Service centre shall be entitled to return the device to the Customer without prior warning and without performing the repair. The Customer is informed that in order to provide the transaction related to the repair the Customer has applied for, correspondence with the Service centre may be recorded.
9. The price of the service shall be determined by Service centre specialists in accordance with the price list provided by the Service centre. If requested by the Customer Service centre specialists shall provide more detailed explanations on the prices specified in the price list and specifics of the repair that will be performed. If an out-of-warranty repair is performed, the Service centre shall provide warranty for the performed repair and replaced spare parts for 3 (three) months as of the day when the device is returned to the Customer. In addition, the Customer shall have the rights provided by the regulatory acts.
10. In order to ensure the service, before submitting the device for repairs the Customer shall have an obligation to disable the display safety code, if it is technically not possible – to inform the Service centre on the safety code of the device; to remove SIM card/s and memory card/s from the device and to delete all personal data from the device, including contacts, galleries, calendar entries etc. The Customer shall be responsible for the storage of the data. Customer is responsible for making external data backup. The customer is informed and fully aware of the fact that any data left in the device and memory card (if one is sent to Service centre with the device) may be irreversibly deleted during the repair process. If the SIM card(s) is left in the device, it will be destroyed in the Service centre. Data storage before the repair by the Service Centre is a paid service (in accordance with the price list) and the Customer has a duty to inform the Service Centre on the desire to perform data storage at the Service Centre before submission of the device.  . With using service Data saving it is possible to save only contacts, gallery for Apple devices and contacts, gallery, SMS, call history log and calendar entries for other manufacturers’ devices.
11. The Customer shall confirm by his/her signature that the device is the property of the Customer and data provided by the Customer is true. If customer has submitted contact information of another person with a purpose of being contacted about customer’s transaction, they bear the responsibility for the rule of law of this data and has binding responsibility for the decisions claimed by the named contact person to service centre regarding received questions about customer’s transactions. If the client has provided false information and as a result losses have occurred to the Service centre, the Customer shall undertake to cover all arising losses.
12. In order to ensure the fulfilment of the transactions related to the repair, the Service centre as a manager and its authorised persons thereof shall be entitled to process the personal data of the Customer, including name, surname, contact number and e-mail, if any is provided, as well as data of the device necessary for ensuring the repair, including the manufacturer of the device, model, IMEI code, sales kit, description of defects, visual assessment, safety code, if such exists, and copies of purchase (transaction) documents of the device. The grounds for the performed data processing shall be the Customer’s application for the repair and fulfilment of regulatory acts in relation to this. The purpose of processing the data shall be the provision of the transaction, including implementation of the Customer’s rights and claims related to it, communication with the Customer on the course of the repair, resolving the issues applied by the Customer and service quality control, as well as settlement of accounts and administration and recording of the repair of the device.
In order to ensure the warranties provided by the manufacturer for the device and Customer’s rights provided by regulatory acts, personal data of the Customer required for providing the repair (name, surname, contact number and email, if any is provided), data of the device and copies of documents confirming the purchase (transaction) of the device required for the provision of the repair, may be given to the manufacturer of the Customer’s device or its representative specified as a manager, to fulfil the processing purpose – the provision of the repair. If a client has applied for a service, for example, delivery of the device, the necessary data may be forwarded to cooperation partners of Service centre, for example, to partners who perform deliveries, in order to be able to perform the corresponding transaction. The grounds of data processing shall be the Customer’s application and the fulfilment of relating regulatory acts.
Contrary to approvals, the provision of which shall be at free discretion of the Customer, the data related to the transaction shall be required for the performance of the transactions and failure to provide them may delay the provision of the transaction in part or even in full.
The highest priority shall be given to the Customer’s data protection in the Service Centre and the data shall be processed in accordance with the requirements of regulatory acts for the specific purpose only and in the necessary scope only, following the principle of data minimisation, as well as in accordance with the particular grounds, including the performance of transactions, provision of rights, within the framework of consents given by the Customer and for the implementation of binding regulatory acts. The duration of data storage shall be determined in accordance with Customer’s rights and in accordance with the requirements of regulatory acts for the time period, which may be used in order to raise claims after repair, if any were to occur.
If the Customer has given his/her consent for a particular purpose, the Customer is able to revoke it at any time in an easy way, that makes it possible to clearly identify the Customer, including by using the communication channels of the Service centre. The consent shall be effective until its fulfilment or revocation accordingly, if it is earlier. Revocation shall not affect the lawfulness of data processing, which is based on the relevant consent before revocation.
Within the framework of the regulatory acts, the Customer shall be entitled to receive information on his/her data, to object the processing of their data as well as provide corrections, deletion, limitation or transfer of the data. The Customer has the rights to contact supervisory authorities. This data processing privacy policy shall become as an integral part of these regulations. More information on the privacy policy of the Service Centre shall be available in any communication channel of the Service Centre.
13. The Customer shall confirm by his/her signature that he/she shall bear full financial responsibility for the replacement device issued for the period of repair. If the Customer is not able to return the replacement device to the Service Centre (or it is broken and unusable), the Customer shall undertake to cover the arising losses. Customer is obligated to return or pay losses for replacement device no later than the moment repaired device is received. When returning the replacement device, the Customer shall have an obligation to delete any personal information, including personal data, from the returned replacement device.
14. The Service Centre shall undertake to store the Customer’s device for 20 (twenty) calendar days free of charge, counting as of the day when the Customer is informed via SMS message, call or e-mail, if any is provided, regarding the possibility to receive the device. For further storage of the device the Customer shall undertake to pay EUR 1.00 (one euro) per each next twenty-four hours.
15. Upon arrival to receive the device, the Customer shall have an obligation to pay all expenses related to the received services: paid repair, diagnostics, storage of the device etc.
16. After repair, when receiving the device, the Customer shall present and deliver a copy of the acceptance receipt to the Service Centre. If the acceptance receipt is lost, the Service Centre shall issue the device only to the person specified on the acceptance receipt. In such a case before receiving the device, the Customer shall have an obligation to present or submit the documents requested by the Service Centre or copies thereof, certifying the identity of the Customer and relation to the device.
17. When receiving the device after repair, the Customer shall examine on the spot:
     17.1. whether the received device after repair has the same set of accessories as were submitted for the repair, including in relation to data storing in the device, if such service has been requested to the Service Centre before submission of the device for repair;
     17.2. whether the applied defects have been fixed after the performed repair;
     17.3. whether any new visual defects have occurred to the device after the performed repair.
When receiving the device, the Customer shall confirm by his/her signature on the receipt of issue of the device that he/she has performed the above mentioned examination, the repair of the device is performed in high quality and the Customer does not have any complaints against the Service Centre in relation to this.